Year Two Is Underway!

There was a definite buzz and excitement on a balmy Monday evening just a few days from the start of the season for the men’s side of AFCC. More importantly, the Boys in Blue will be going into this season with new players and a new head coach. The club is also going into the season after a good result from their pre-season friendly against NPSL side Sunflower State FC. Outside of players and personnel, another big change for the club this season is the expanded schedule. The men are scheduled to play 10 Midwest Premier League matches over the summer. With an expanded schedule, it is important to have depth which Coach Chris Miller is excited to see taking shape. The club currently has 29 men on the roster and they expect to take at least 20 players to each match.

On the topic of players, the club has an impressive blend of veterans, college players, and a few recent high school graduates and international players. What really stood out to me is the size of the players, which Coach Miller sees as a definite benefit. The gaffer believes that AFCC will easily be one of the tallest in the league and will be able to enforce their will on opponents. That said one glaring need, per Coach Miller, is someone that the club can count on to get into open spaces and put the ball in the back of the net. Coach also acknowledges that this will take time. But, hopefully this problem can resolved sooner than later as the club will play their first three matches on the road before hosting their first match at their new home, Columbia College.

I also had a chance to talk with the club’s captain Elliott Goodwin about the upcoming season. The captain feels that the squad can really build off of their successful 5-3 season the year before. He is also trilled about working with the new faces and once again leading the club into a new season.

If I could sum up the upcoming season in two words, they would be transition and anticipation. Both Coach Miller and Goodwin noted how integrating so many new faces will impact the comradery strategy from week to week. That said, the club seems ready to get the season started. There is definitely a sense of urgency and an expectation that this season will lead to more wins and more goals. Let’s sure hope so!