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AFC Columbia’s New Badge

COLUMBIA, MO.- AFC Columbia is pleased to announce the creation of our new club badge. The new badge is set to appeal to our fan base and create a new identity for the club that we feel as though will serve us well in representing Columbia, Boone County and the State of Missouri.

Our colors represent those of the Columbia flag. We aim to represent our community, both on and off the pitch with dignity and pride, and we feel as though there is no better way to do that than to dawn the city’s colors.

Within the eagle in the crest lies a lot of images that represent our community. The six white indents on the green wing represent the six columns that have become synonymous with the University of Missouri that calls the city of Columbia home. The adjacent rows represent the fields that surround the city, bringing in a wider focus on the whole of Boone County.

The white line in between the two wings represents the Missouri River, which forms the western border of Boone County. The white line in the blue wing that moves towards the Missouri River represents Cedar Creek, which forms the eastern border of the county and empties into the river.

The crown that sits upon the head of the eagle represents the city of Columbia’s position of being the Seat of Boone County.

We hope that this new look brings joy to the fans just as it has to those working on building the club. We look forward to representing this great city in the near future.