Founded with a vision of bringing semi-pro soccer to Columbia

Key Milestones

Club Founded (01/20/2020)

Columbia, Missouri Soccer Graphic

January 20, 2020

Club Logo & Branding Created (06/11/2020)

AFC Columbia Logo FaviconJune 11, 2020

Became Official 501(c)3 in Missouri (08/02/2020)

AFC Columbia Logo BannerAugust 02, 2020

Icarus FC Partnership Announced (08/20/2020)

Icarus FC - AFC Columbia Partnership AnnouncedAugust 20, 2020

Joined CPISL (04/01/2021)

CPISL LogoApril 01, 2021

Appointed Director of Coaching (07/22/21)

Kurtis Boardsen named Director of Coaching

Joined Midwest Premier League (01/14/2022)

Joined Midwest Premier League along with Santa Fe Wanderers and Ajax St. Louis

Club Board Members